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Radiation Protection Course


The Commission of Graduate Studies, at the request of the Radiation Protection Commission, at a meeting on 26 May 2004, decided to make it mandatory, starting in the current semester, for students entering the Institute’s Graduate Program to attend the Course on Radiation Protection held annually by the Commission, for all those whose research projects include the use of radioactive material.

The certificate of attendance must be submitted at the time of requesting the Qualifying Examination. For students who were active on the date above, the CPG/ICB decided to request the Program Advisors, and the heads of the laboratories where the work is being developed, to propose to their graduate students the need to take the aforementioned Course during the program in which they were enrolled at that time.

For students who have taken radiation protection courses at other institutions, it will be up to the ICB’s Radiation Protection Commission to analyze and approve the equivalency of the requisite.